2019 Membership Options & Application

For 2019, there are two great options for you.  In both cases membership includes:


- Aircraft Insurances Excess Waiver (otherwise a minimum £500 if you prang an aircraft!)

- Logs for the fire

- Coffee, tea, high-quality biscuits and sweets, ad-hoc barbeque food and beer in the summer etc.

- All Home Base Landing Fees (else £12 per landing - capped at £25 for unlimited circuits per flight)

- All of the other nice little extras you get as freebies at the Club throughout the year.  


Standard Membership.

This year standard membership has had to be set at £120 for the year.  This is mainly due to increases in aircraft insurance premiums throughout General Aviation averaging 30%, which we have had to pay since August.


Aircraft charges across most of the fleet for Standard Members are £185 dual and £160 self-fly hire.  Standard Members can also prepay for blocks of five or ten hours with up to £15 per hour discounts.  


Watch Office Club Membership.

In return for a membership fee of just £40 per month (payable for 12 months), aircraft hire across most of the fleet is reduced to £129 per hour, with an extra £30 per hour for instruction if required.  It starts saving you money on flying almost as soon you start your second hour each month.


Additionally, there will be Watch Office Club-only events, and in some cases priority booking (with no daily minimums in terms of self-fly hire) for Watch Office Club Members.

How To Apply (Please Read First!).

When you click on the Membership Option to the right, you will be given two options - Standard Membership or Watch Office Membership for the first three months.

If you choose Watch Office Membership, you will receive an agreement through the post to cover the whole twelve month period from this month, including payment instructions for Month 4 onwards.

Once you have chosen an option and filled in your details, you will be taken to the secure checkout page, where you can pay your £120 by Credit/Debit card or by PayPal.

Converting Membership After Three Months

Converting your Watch Office Membership to Standard Membership after three months:

- You will need to pay any difference in flying rates for Watch Office discounted flying undertaken during the first three months (approximately an extra £25 per hour flown).

 - No extra membership is payable.  You're good to go!

Converting your Standard Membership to Watch Office Membership at any time:

 - A new 12 month agreement is required from the date you convert for Watch Office Membership.

 - You will be credited with the value of remaining annual Standard Membership months (at £10 per month) against your new agreement.

 - Any Standard Membership prepaid flying still to be flown will be value converted to reflect the new rates - ie. more hours added to your account!

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