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Grob 115

Our two-seater trainers are all ex RAF Flying School aircraft, and have been exceptionally well maintained and looked after.  The Grobs offer unrivelled cockpit visability and simple panel layout, and ours in particular are well specified - so much nicer than the outdated two-seaters of old.


Hourly Rates

Training £185.   Self Fly Hire £155.  Watch Office Club £129.

Piper PA-28 Cherokees

If you prefer a more classic trainer, they don't come more classic than the Piper PA-28 4 seaters.  Pretty much the flying school staple for 60 years worldwide.  Great for touring too!  New paintwork, good interiors, and Garmin 530's. A joy!

Hourly Rates

Training £195.   Self Fly Hire £165.  Watch Office Club £139.

Cessna 172 Skyhawks

180hp powerful four seaters - quintisential training aeroplanes with roomy interior, fantastic views out, and great flying stability.  Utilised the world over and instantly recognisable.

Hourly Rates

Training £195.   Self Fly Hire £165.  Watch Office Club £139.

Robin 2160

160hp powerful two-seater tourer and aerobatic machine.  Great for the EASA Aerobatic Ratings and UPRT with an unrivalled safety record compared to its contemporaries.  Bundles of "because I was inverted" fun & frolics!

Hourly Rates

Training £195.   Self Fly Hire £165.  Watch Office Club £139.

Extra 200

A true thoroughbred amongst full aerobatic machines, yet well-behaved enough for even basic aerobatic and tailwheel training.  Aerobatics to Advanced level, including competition coaching, and UPRT courses, the Extra is the one!  Nothing will give you a bigger smile!

Hourly Rates

Dual & Solo £280 + £10 per sortie

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We Do Not Charge Fuel Surcharges, Landing Fees, Standard Membership Fees, nor for Coffee, Snacks, nor Barbecues.

There are no little hidden "Gotcha's" at Flightpath.

Watch Office Club

Watch Office Club Rates are discounted in return for a Monthly Membership of just £40. Two flights and you are saving money!  Rates quoted are for aircraft hire.  Add £30 airborne time for Instructor where required.

Block Payment Discounts

As a Standard Member, pre-purchasing Five or Ten training hours reduces the hourly rate by £10 and £15 respectively.

Watch Office Club members receive an eleventh hour free when they pre-purchase ten hours.

Available Training (Through Ourselves or our Partners):

- Private Pilots Licence:



- Night & IMC/IR(R)

- Formation Training

- Retractable, VP & Tailwheel Differences

- EASA Aerobatics Rating

- Advanced Aerobatic/Competition Coaching

- UPRT (Upset Prevention & Recovery)

- FI(A) & CRI

Please get in touch for more details!

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