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Piper PA-28 Cherokees

If you prefer a more classic trainer, they don't come more classic than the Piper PA-28 4 seaters.  Pretty much the flying school staple for 60 years worldwide.  Great for touring too!  New paintwork, good interiors, and Garmin 530's. A joy!

Aircraft Hire: £195 per hour*

Instruction: £40 phr*


Cessna 172 Skyhawks

180hp powerful four seaters - quintisential training aeroplanes with roomy interior, fantastic views out, and great flying stability.  Utilised the world over and instantly recognisable.

Aircraft Hire: £205 per hour*

Instruction: £40 phr*


Robin 2160

160hp powerful two-seater tourer and aerobatic machine.  Great for the Aerobatic Ratings and UPRT with an unrivalled safety record compared to its contemporaries.  Bundles of "because I was inverted" fun & frolics!

Aircraft Hire: £210 per hour*

Instruction: £40 phr*


Cessna "Texas Taildragger"

Delightful and obedient tailwheel to help step up to classic aircraft from Tiger Moths to Spitfires!  The trainer of choice for DC3 pilots and loads of fun.

Aircraft Hire: £205per hour*

Instruction: £40 phr*


Grob 115A

Composite German-built two seaters with exceptional cockpit visability and no-nonsense instrument panels.  For the smaller pilot happy to trade power for something a tad more modern than our classic trainers.

Aircraft Hire: £195 per hour*

Instruction: £40 phr*

We Do Not Charge Landing/Ciruit Fees, Temporary Memberships, nor for Coffee, Snacks, nor Barbecues.  

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*Hire Rates Explained

Aircraft Hire is based on Brakes Off/Brakes On time (chock to chock), with any extensive holds etc. not charged for.

Instructor rates are calculated in the same way.  

Rates quoted assume membership of £250 per annum (LAPL/PPL Students) or £40 per month (Licence Holders). Membership is free with some packages and for Commercial Training Hour Builders).  

Block Payment Discounts

Purchase Ten hours and receive a £50 Discount.

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